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Rami - CICC

Rami El Mawed

At Al Dar Immigration Services, we view the journey of immigration as a detailed process with a clear objective. Led by our founder, Rami El Mawed, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC-IRB), we provide expert guidance from the first consultation to achieving permanent residency and citizenship. Our team, known for its dedication and sincerity, works closely with clients to ensure a smooth, efficient, and affordable path to success. Trust Al Dar for exceptional service quality and a supportive immigration experience. Connect with us to start your journey

Abdallah El Tannoukhi

Abdallah is currently studying for his Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law at Queen's University. His journey in Canada began in 2006 as a student in Montreal, where he later completed his engineering studies at Concordia University. Through his own challenges with immigration, he discovered a passion for helping others navigate the system. At Al Dar Immigration Services, Abdallah holds the role of Chief Officer. With a background in finance and business advising, he brings a practical approach to his work. His time as a manager in an Engineering firm has equipped him with skills in accounting and business assessment, which he now applies to improve operations and provide valuable support to clients. Abdallah's goal is simple: to help individuals and businesses succeed in their immigration endeavors.